Heal from Within


Do you want to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, by improving emotional well-being?
Do you want to improve self-awareness and find a state of deep relaxation?
Do want to boost your immune system and accelerate healing?
"Experience a profound state of relaxation with a sound bowl session"
Reiki & Intuitive Chakra Healing
Alchemy Sound Bowl Healing
Guided Meditation & Mindfulness
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Reiki Session – Includes: Reiki healing, guided meditation, sound bowl healing, intuitive energy/chakra reading and Emotionally Focused Technique.

Guided Energy Healing, Mindfulness, Breath-work –Includes: One on one instruction how to clear and balance energy centers (chakras) and aura, grounding, introduction on how to practice mindfulness, how to incorporate breath into your daily life.



    What They Say

    "Recently I had a distance Reiki and intuitive reading session with Jennifer.   After, the session I felt relaxed. When finished, she told me her perceptions which were accurate and helped me pay attention to some things that were going on for me.  There was a lot of information so I took notes which helped me review the things that she’d offered as I chose to make some changes.  I found the session helpful and look forward to future sessions with her."

    "The session with Jennifer was wonderful. I felt a very gentle and loving energy throughout the session. I felt so comfortable and relaxed from the subtle energetic work. lt felt so nice to experience healing work from a practitioner who is excited about the work that they are sharing. Jennifer has a gift of guiding and allowing someone to feel safe and venerable enough to share their feelings that need to be processed and let go of."

    "My session with Jennifer was an amazing eye opening experience. She has a very calming energy and a natural gift. She was able to see right through me; identifying very accurately my state of mental and physical health. When the session was over I felt at peace. My anxiety had melted away."

    Treat Yourself to a Healing